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Strategy Infocom Successfully completed 3 Years in Consulting Field, Strategy Infocom has more than 13,000 satisfied customer there



Company have a another department, It's called finance department who runnig fainancial activity there.



Strategy Infocom has huge team of website depvlopment and also support to the customer development.

Our Business

Following are some of the various services we offer:

About Images

- Volume Data Entry (Handwritten/Printed)
- PDF Conversion
- Scanning , OCR Cleanup
- Bulk Bill/ Order Processing
- E-books publishing
- Data Extraction, Tabulation and Analysis
- Online Data Entry and Remote Verification
- Internet Research, Email Mining and Customized List Making
- Catalog Conversion and Digitization
- The data input can come from paper documents, image files, and old databases. Microfilms and output could be in ASCII format, COBOL, PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, SGML, HTML, and XML. Our outcome is a clean, accurate, uniform digital file, formatted to your specifications.